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Couple Psychotherapy Section

The aim of the Couple Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy sub-committee is to provide a forum for practitioners who are interested in working with an analytic/dynamic approach with couples in child, adolescent and adult mental health services.

Couple psychotherapy is not yet widely established within the NHS whereas child and adolescent psychotherapy, group and family therapy, alongside individual psychotherapies are all common treatment modalities within the Health Service.  

We are pleased that there is now a small number of dedicated couple psychotherapy posts and there is increasing recognition of the important contribution couple psychotherapy can make. For example couple therapy has recently been included in the NICE guidelines as treatment for depression and it is also recognized it can make a contribution to parenting services.

Aim of the section

The committee aims to provide a focus for all those interested in working analytically/dynamically with couples and to build up a data base of interested people. We aim to encourage research and publication of papers and also to collate research evidence and information on developments in the psychoanalytic couple field internationally.

Benefits of joining our section

The section meets regularly every term. It is the only network specifically for analytic/dynamic couple therapists working in the NHS & the public sector and provides peer support, exchange of information and the sharing of professional issues in a safe, confidential space.  

We also keep up to date with relevant CPD events, and with new and emerging research into couple therapy and via the network we are in the forefront of new developments in the field in the UK and internationally. There are also possibilities for support with research projects via APP’s Educational Trust, and opportunities for publishing via the APP Journal.

Another benefit of joining the section is, if needed, advice and support for career development, professional training, clinical supervision, HR and work related issues. This could for example be through informal individual mentoring, or professional consultation on a more formal basis.

Committee members

All members on the committee have completed the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (TCCR) training in couple psycho-analytic psychotherapy, and they are members of the The British Society of Couple Psychotherapists and Councillors. 

Further information

Julia Bland stepped down as section chair at  2017 AGM. This position is currently vacant; anyone interested please contact the APP office at