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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

In 1982 the APP Council invited Dr Michael Sinason to initiate planning for a professional Journal to be published by the APP. The planning phase lasted about two years and it was at the beginning of 1984 that the new APP Journal Editorial Board started meeting regularly. The Journal was titled Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Vol 1 No 1 was printed in November 1984.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is published by Taylor & Francis:


Editors of the Journal

    Dr Michael Sinason                   1984 - 1988
    Dr Robin Anderson                   1988 - 1993
    Dr Jane Milton                           1994 - 1999
    Mrs Marilyn Lawrence               1999 - 2004
    Dr Maureen Marks                     2005 - 2009
    Prof Alessandra Lemma             2009 - 2012
    Dr Jessica Yakeley                      from   2012

Scope of the Journal

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy publishes original contributions on the application, development and evaluation of psychoanalytic ideas and therapeutic interventions in the public health sector and other related applied settings. The Journal aims to promote theoretical and applied developments that are underpinned by a psychoanalytic understanding of the mind. Its aims are consonant with those of the Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the NHS (APP in the NHS) in promoting applied psychoanalytic work and thinking in the health care system, across the whole age range.  The current editor of the journal is Dr Jessica Yakeley and Assistant editor Dr Paul Cundy.

Training and Development

We encourage submissions from a wide range of disciplines, including people training in psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapy or one of it’s applications, and would welcome being contacted to discuss the suitability of papers or brief reports.

Book reviews

A significant number of books are sent to the journal’s book editor for review. If you would like to review a book for the journal please contact us to discuss this.

Members of the APP receive the Journal as part of their membership. In June 2001 the APP signed a five year publishing contract with Taylor and Francis to produce and distribute the Journal. This began with Volume 16, published in March 2002 and was accompanied by a redesigned cover and different editorial arrangements. The Journal welcomes the submission of original papers and the editor is happy to discuss possible submissions with authors. From time to time, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy publishes special issues, sometimes linked to APP conferences. The editorial board would like to invite suggestions for special issues on matters of particular topical interest.

Free Access to the Online Journal for APP Members

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is now published four times per year and Taylor and Francis provide an online version of the Journal that can be viewed via the internet. APP members receive the printed edition of the Journal and are also entitled to free access to the Online Journal as a benefit of membership to the APP, while non-APP members have to pay for Online access. Taylor and Francis have now retro-digitised the first 15 volumes of the journal. If you are an APP member and wish to access the journal online please email the APP office Please note your APP memebrship must be up to date in order to allow access to Online Journal.